2013 Symposium Schedule

Fantastic! Heroic! Disabled?
“Cripping” the Comic Con

April 11, 2013

Syracuse, NY

Although the symposium has already taken place, we will keep this schedule posted for your reference.


8:00-8:30  Registration and Artist/Vendor Set Up

8:30-8:45   Welcome to “Cripping” the Con!

8:45-9:30   Keynote Address:  Disability, Visuality and the Silver Age Superhero by José Alaniz

9:30-10:30          Break, refreshments and vending

10:30-12:00        AM Concurrent Sessions

Goldstein A: HORROR/SCI FI

They Came from Beyond the Grave: Examining Interactions of Zombies, Pop Culture, and Disabilities Studies–Sarah Hoedlmoser, University of Toronto

Cripping American Horror Story–Ethan Lewis, Syracuse University

Boldly Going Where no Crip has Gone Before: Examining Disability in Star Trek–Cara Liebowitz, National Youth Leadership Network Governing Board Secretary/Treasurer; I am Norm You Taskforce Member+++

Hyperkinesis and the World of Tomorrow–Ana Ruffino Darrow, Smith College Class of 2015

+++prerecorded presentation

Goldstein B: FILM           

Cinematic Representations of Intellectual Disability:  What Do Adults With Intellectual Disabilities Think?–Ann Fudge Schormans and Rebecca Renwick, McMaster University

The History and Evolution of Disability Voice in Art and Film–Colleen Deitrich, Central Regional Youth Partner, YOUTH POWER!

X2: X-Men united:  Disability Pride and Identity through Four Distinct Interpretations–Tracy Schrems, Stephanie Bellotti, Katie Zibro, and Maria Liotta, St. Bonaventure University***

Avatar: Opening Pandora’s Box to a Post Human Future–Marielle Kriesel, UCLA***

***to be presented via Skype

Goldstein C: COMICS 1 

Flying Blind:  An Investigation into Daredevil and Oracle–Earl Coburn, Kent University***

More than Visual:  A Collaborative Exercise in Creating an “Accessible” Graphic Narrative–Lisa Johnson and Jeremy Johnson, University of Minnesota

Deafening Outcry: Hawkeye, Transformative Works, and the Re-Creation of Disability–Suzanne Walker, Barnard College (Class of 2012)

***to be presented via Skype

12:00-1:00 Lunch on your own

1:00-1:45 Netflix Screening, Open Space and DVD Screening

Goldstein A: Netflix Screening        

Netflix Screening:  The 99–“The 99 are youngsters who have each come to possess one of the 99 mystical Noor Stones. Endowed with superhuman powers, the kids are recruited into a team by the benevolent Ramzi. His goal is world peace, but he’s opposed by the sinister Rughal.”

Goldstein B: Open Space             

Open space will be an opportunity for participants to create spontaneous and/or planned topical interactions with other participants—in other words, open space will be a venue for you to create your own symposium “sessions.”

Goldstein C: DVD Screening

“The Paper Mirror:  Drawing Alison Bechdel”The Paper Mirror captures a pivotal collaboration between two influential artists, painter Riva Lehrer and graphic novelist Alison Bechdel (Dykes to Watch Out For, Fun Home). Lehrer completes a compelling portrait of Bechdel as both artists explore new & unexpected terrain. This film is open captioned.

For more information, visit the film’s website at: http://www.thepapermirrorfilm.com/

1:45-2:00 Break

2:00-3:30 Concurrent Sessions

Goldstein A: Portrayals and Representations

I’m Your Huckleberry: An examination of the elements that make a positive and memorable character with disability in film and television–Ari Ne’eman, Autistic Self-Advocacy Network and Day Al-Mohamed, Silver Spring, MD

Portrayal of Autism in Two Canadian newspapers: Comparison with the New York Times–Kalie Mosig and Gregor Wolbring, University of Calgary***

Taking on and Shaking up Mainstream Visual Representations of Persons with Intellectual Disabilities–Ann Fudge Schormans, McMaster University

***to be presented via Skype

Goldstein B: TV

Life’s too Short:  A Comical Turn in Disability in the Media–Amanda L. Cachia, University of California, San Diego***

Representations of Disability in “Family Guy” do Satirical Cartoons get a “Free Pass” about Representations of Disability–Allison Dickey, Ashland University

Deviance, Stigma, and “Crippled” Sexuality: The Portrayal of Disability in House, M.D.Meghann O’Leary, University of Illinois at Chicago

***to be presented via Skype

Goldstein C: COMICS 2

Unspoken Emotion:  Interpreting Feelings through Anime and Graphic Novels–Emily Rutherford and Jennifer T. Butcher, Lamar University

Embodiment, Disability and Social Violence in Fullmetal Alchemist: BrotherhoodJulie Sadler, York University

Positive Portrayals of Disabilities in Popular Webcomics:  A Small Case Study–Katherine Deibel, University of Washington

3:30-4:30 Break

4:30-5:30 Plenary Session–Goldstein 201ABC

From the Field: An Examination of Responses from Mainstream Writers, Artists, and Producers on Disability–Day Al-Mohamed

5:30-5:45 Wrap up–Cripping the Con:  A Call to Create a Disability-Themed Comic Convention

6:00-7:00  Reception–Skybarn

7:00-9:30 pm Post Symposium Session–Skybarn

Disability Activism & Fandom — A Roundtable Strategizing on Fandom as a Target of/Resource for Activism