“Cripping” the Comic Con Videos

Please take a moment and view You Tube videos from “Cripping” the Comic Con! You can view these videos, embedded below for convenience, or visit the SUDCC YouTube Channel.

“Cripping” the Comic Con 2019 Plenary Panel

“Cripping” the Comic Con 2017 Morning Plenary Panel

“Cripping” the Comic Con 2017 Calling Utopia (Live Streamed Rock Concert; Q&A)

“Deaf-initely Ironic…? “Cripping” the Comic Con 2016

Introduction by Diane Wiener; Keynote by Matt & Kay Daigle, “How I Met That Deaf Guy. How I Met That Hearing Girl.” The entire keynote is presented in American Sign Language with English voice interpreting that is captioned.


Introduction by Diane Wiener, Keynote by Cece Bell, “Writing on My Own Behalf: The Creation of El Deafo and Its Impact on Myself and Others” (presented via Skype)

Evening Plenary Panel Presentation

Moderated by Diane R. Wiener


  • Matt and Kay Daigle, Creators of Webcomic That Deaf Guy
  • Kanisha Ffriend, Author, I, Too, Am a Dancer
  • Kate Pollack, Master’s Student, Cultural Foundations of Education and Disability Studies
  • Carlisle Robinson, Cartoonist and Creator of The Satrians
  • Gilles Stromberg, Co-creator and Illustrator of The Access Avengers


Game Over…? “Cripping” the Comic Con 2015

Introductory remarks by Dr. Diane Wiener, Symposium Co-Creater, and Symposium keynote by Angela Smith, “Lost Limbs: Disabled Bodies as Digital Effects”

Symposium keynote by Alec Frazier, “Without Fear: The First Autistic Superhero,” with introduction by Rachael Zubal-Ruggieri, Symposium Co-Creator

Symposium keynote by Gilles Stromberg, “The Journey Towards Meeting (and Making) the Access Avengers”

Take Away the Suit, and What are You? “Cripping” the Comic Con 2014

Introductory and welcoming remarks by Diane Wiener and Planning Committee Members

Symposium keynote by William Peace, “‘The Walking Dead’ and Assisted Suicide”;

Symposium keynote by Becky Curran, “The Ultimate ”Mainstreaming’: Disability & Mainstream Media”;

Zombie 101 Workshop

Plenary presentation by Dr. Kate Deibel and Day ‘Deena’ Al-Mohamed, “Developing a Disability Version of the Bechdel Test”

Fantastic! Heroic! Disabled? “Cripping” the Comic Con (2013)

Introductory and welcoming remarks by Diane Wiener and Rachael Zubal-Ruggieri, and symposium keynote by José Alaniz (“Disability, Visuality, and the Silver Age Superhero”)

Plenary presentation by Day ‘Deena’ Al-Mohamed, “From the Field: An Examination of Responses from Mainstream Writers, Artists, and Producers on Disability.”

Post-symposium session with Ari Ne’eman and Day ‘Deena’ Al-Mohamed, “The Future of Disability Rights Activism in (Comics) Fandom”