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Permission to reprint Cripping the Comic Con 2013 presentations on BtS repository.
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  • Beneath the SURFACE (BtS) is an open source digital repository on disability and popular culture that will be available to the academic community as well as to the general public. BtS will provide scholars, practitioners, editors, and its own readership with the opportunity to engage in a broad array of reflective discussions about the representations of disability that exist “beneath the surface” and explicitly within mainstream cultures both nationally and internationally. The repository will include three facets: 1) proceedings from the “Cripping” the Comic Con Symposia; 2) a periodical; and, 3) an array of resources regarding disability and popular culture. This repository is part of SURFACE. Managed by the SU Library and implemented by a cross-university team, SURFACE is a set of services that the University is offering to the SU community. Its existence demonstrates an organizational commitment to the stewardship of the SU digital scholarly and creative record, assuring long-term preservation, as well as organization, access and distribution. The greater the participation by the SU community, the richer the database.