5th Annual “Cripping” the Comic Con: 4.22.17

It’s coming. SAVE THE DATE. Schine Student Center, Syracuse University. Free and open to the public. Free parking, too (info. on registration page). Hosted by the Syracuse University Disability Cultural Center (DCC).

**Complete schedule coming soon…please stay tuned!!**


An international summit…with kids as the ambassadors and MCs…bridging the “town gown” split…bringing together The Access Avengers and The Department of Ability, two teams of superheroes with disabilities from across the globe.

Breakfast and dinner receptions included. Accessible photo booth. Gaming Area. Quiet and Low Stim Room.  Vendors, Artists, Info. Tables, and a separate Art Exhibitors Area. Plus, autograph stations to meet and greet our distinguished guests with art and music.

Morning plenary will be a panel of comics artists and thinkers who are disability rights activists (livestreamed, videorecorded, captioned, with American Sign Language [ASL] interpretation).

Afternoon will include ASL interpreted, inclusive workshops on cosplay, LEGO, collaborative design, Create Your Own CripCon mascot, and Create Your Own Access Avenger.

Evening will have a livestreamed, videorecorded, captioned, ASL interpreted rock concert by Calling Utopia (co-hosted by the Disability Student Union).

AND, the night before (4.21), a late night screening of Disney / Pixar’s Finding Dory — with captions and audio descriptions of images — to get things rolling enthusiastically (with free, inclusive snacks; all in partnership with Orange After Dark).

We can’t wait to welcome Daniel White, Emily White, and Aimee White from the U.K.; Sarah Renehan and Jessica Renehan from Australia; Abby Kessler, Gilles Lee Stromberg, Joseph Munisteri, Nancy Amaro, David Schlaich, Nicole Wheatley, and Mike Mort from the U.S.; and a host of other amazing people, including SU’s very own Rachael Zubal-Ruggieri, Don Carr, and Ben Jones, among others…

Please join us, and please help us to spread the word.  **Everyone is welcome.**

Our unique promotional giveaways will also be provided.

For more information about 4.21.17 late night screening of Finding Dory: http://oad.syr.edu/event/finding-dory-screening/

Please contact sudcc@syr.edu with any questions.  Thank you.