Live Stream Instructions


“Cripping” the Comic Con takes place on Saturday, April 22, 2017. Please join us then! The live streamed portion of the schedule includes a captioned, American Sign Language (ASL) interpreted panel of comic artists and thinkers who are disability rights activists from 10:00am – 11:30am EDST, and a captioned, ASL interpreted concert featuring Australian pop rock band, Calling Utopia, from 7:00pm – 8:00pm EDST. Time will be set aside at the conclusion of both for audience Q&A.

Please also feel free to use the Adobe Connect chat window (available via web browser and via mobile device app–access instructions follow) to share comments and questions. 

For the best results, please use a web browser on a laptop or desktop computer to access our 2017 live streaming session.

You are also welcome to share Tweets: @cripcon (    

How to Join the Adobe Connect Session Using a Web Browser

The live online web sessions of “Cripping” the Comic Con will be streamed using Adobe Connect web conferencing software. To access the conference in a web browser, we recommend that you use Internet Explorer on a Windows computer or Google Chrome or Apple Safari on a Macintosh computer. To join the session, browse to:

Select the “Enter as a Guest” radio button, enter your Name and click the “Enter Room” button.

image of the Adobe Connect logon screen for "Cripping" the Comic Con 2017

image of the Adobe Connect logon screen for “Cripping” the Comic Con 2017


Adobe Connect Accessibility Features

For details regarding Adobe Connect’s accessibility features, please refer to this website:

Enhanced Adobe Connect Web Conferencing for users of the JAWS screen reader software:

For users intending to participant in the Adobe Connect web session while using the JAWS screen reader, you can preinstall JAWS scripts that provide additional control and functionality in Adobe Connect. Documentation and instructions for installing those scripts can be found here:

The software for installing the JAWS scripts can be found here:

To make use of these extended features and JAWS, participants are required to install the appropriate version of the Adobe Connect Add-in for your operating system. The Add-in software can be found here: – meeting-add-ins

After installing the JAWS scripts and the Adobe Add-in, participants can join the web conference by browsing to:

Joining the Session Using Your Mobile Device

Adobe provides apps for both Apple and Android mobile devices. To install the app for Apple devices, open the following link from your mobile device:

To install the app for Android devices, open the following link from your mobile device:

Once installed, open the Adobe Connect app on your mobile device and when prompted for the web conference to join, enter the following:

When prompted, select “Enter as a Guest”, enter your name and click “Enter Room”